Welcome to your universe of grading

Grading Universe is a new kind of collector's platform that allows users to create virtual collections of their graded collectibles, post them directly to a worldwide online marketplace, and connect the showrooms of many private collections. We are a social media marketplace based on virtual collections, which makes it possible to look into other members' collections and "walk into" other people's showrooms.

Grading-Universe is already working with a variety of partners, including several collectors and influencers from the scene itself, as well as grading companies in the near future. Our goal is ambitious: Grading Universe, due to its smart programming, has the potential to become the largest networked grading collector platform in the world, not only offering a unique showroom ambience of virtual collections, but also networking the whole variety of grading across the board.

Since the founders Nico and Bernhard are not only active in the field of grading for more than 15 years, but also in the field of Movie Props and Statues for almost 15 years, another feature is the cooperation site Movie-Props-Universe.

If you're interested in the whole collecting universe, also visit our corporate site Kuja-Network

Exclusive Introductory Offer!

Dear collectors and enthusiasts,

We're proud to introduce our two premium platforms: Movie-Props-Universe.com and Grading-Universe.com. During our introductory phase, we offer you full access to BOTH sites absolutely FREE for a whole 6 months!

After that, using both sites together is only €44.95 per year! Dive into the universe of movie props and simultaneously explore the world of collectible cards and more.

Or choose your preferred site and use it individually for just €24.95 per year.

Regardless of which offer you choose, with Movie-Props-Universe.com and Grading-Universe.com you're always at the heart of the collector's universe!

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Say hello to the community

Welcome to the website for collectors! This is the place where collectors can come together to share their passion and admiration for collectibles across various categories. We are excited to have you on board and provide you with the opportunity to share your valuable and fascinating items with other enthusiasts. Our platform was founded by two dedicated collectors, Nico and Bernhard, and is a place where you can showcase your collection, receive ratings from other users, and even offer items for sale.

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Your items, your ratings

Whether you're an avid collector of comics, video games, or trading cards, our website is the perfect platform to share your passion with others. We take pride in providing a variety of categories, including computer and video games, gaming consoles, comics, trading cards, action figures, and VHS tapes. Each of these items has been rated based on its quality, and ratings are an important part of our platform. We understand that collectors take pride in their collections, and we're excited to give you the opportunity to share them with other users.

Grading-Universe provides several grading sections that you can manage yourself in your account and sell directly from it with just a few clicks.

Its all about:

  • Video Games Grading
  • Console Grading
  • Trading Cards Grading
  • Comic Grading
  • Action Figures Grading
  • VHS Grading

Show your collections

In addition to showcasing your collection on our website, we also offer a portal for you to sell your items. We also offer a variety of profile features to highlight your collection and your passion. You can highlight your profile with a silver, gold, or platinum badge for a fee and showcase your collection. Additionally, you can offer your collectibles for trade with other users or message them. We take pride in creating a community of collectors who can share their passion and learn from one another. Welcome to our website and enjoy browsing and discovering!

Our Esteemed Partners

On our journey through the universe of collectibles and rarities, we're proud to be supported by incredible partners who share and complement our vision.

First, we'd like to introduce you to Time-to-Collect.com. For all aficionados of collectible figures, this is the perfect place to express your passion. Whether you're looking for that one special figure missing from your collection, or you've decided to share some of your treasures with others, Time-to-Collect provides a platform that facilitates both buying and selling collectible figures. The best part? You're in a community that shares your enthusiasm for collectible figures.

But that's not all, we're also delighted to have the support of facility-s.de. At first glance, a site offering building solutions might seem to have little in common with the world of collecting. But consider this: every collection, big or small, deserves a suitable space for presentation and protection. Thanks to Nico Jahnke, one of the founders, facility-s offers services ensuring your collection space always remains in prime condition. From cleaning to specialized solutions, facility-s ensures your collection space shines as brightly as your collectibles.

We're proud to collaborate with such outstanding partners, and we're confident they'll further enhance the value and experience our platforms offer.